More ‘shoppable ads’ coming to Google Images

More ‘shoppable ads’ coming to Google Images Google has tested similar units in the past on YouTube and in Q4 2018.
Similar to ad units on Instgram and Pinterest, Google introduced<www.blog.google/products/ads/shopping-google-images/> Shoppable Ads on Google Images at the Shoptalk conference Tuesday. The sponsored images highlight products that, when moused over, reveal brand, price and other details.
But Google isn’t stealing from others. Google debuted Shoppable AdWords formats on YouTube in 2015<marketingland.com/youtube-shopping-ad-formats-now-available-to-all-adwords-advertisers-152180>. And last year it piloted<searchengineland.com/google-debuts-shoppable-image-ads-video-in-shopping-showcase-ads-305360> an earlier version of Shoppable Ads for third-party sites and in Google search (including image search).
Capturing top of funnel shoppers. Google says that it’s currently testing these new units “with select retailers” for broad, top of funnel queries such as “home office ideas” and “shower tile designs.” I was unable to find any of these units in the wild but the .gif below reflects how they look and work.
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