Copy of Digital Billboard Advertising – Orange County NY

Digital Billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities that are taking out-of-home advertising to a new level. With digital technology, the possibilities are endless.

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Digital billboards set you apart from the competition by building credibility, brand recognition and more. Our Digital Billboard advertising serves as an important top-of-funnel channel that increases the effectiveness of your other marketing channels

  • Ads rotate in a slide show fashion every 6 to 8 seconds
  • Located on highways, major arteries and city streets
  • Change your message as often as you want with no additional production cost
  • Stream live data and user-generated content from your website/social media in real time
  • Display your ad within minutes

How to best make use of billboards

In the past you would see big brands that would just pour in some advertising budget  to have their content displayed randomly throughout the day on a big screen in hopes of getting attention.

While that may have been working well for branding purposes, you would get little in terms of performance marketing ROI from it – there is no way to actually measure it and know-how or if any of that works.

Now there’s much more to digital billboards than just doing awesome branding with them.

What if we told you that you could boost your performance marketing efforts with a strategic hourly buying play?

Let’s say you're a local restaurant business and we're heading into the weekend here in Orange county NY. You really want to pump those table reservations up a bit. You would normally go onto Facebook or Google Ads to put up some kind of special offer, and that would bring in customers but you’d run the risk of getting capped on that channel at some point.

With digital billboards you can start buying some hourly slots in the morning, Wednesday, Thursday when people are commuting to work and use some Friday afternoon slots when they're heading home and planning the weekend. With the right type of content and messaging you can see your performance campaigns get as much as 2x increase, visibly spiking your sales.

Digital Billboards are for everyone

Billboards are no longer the avenue of big brands with big media budgets. The old-billboard-order is getting replaced by a new model of media buying where digital billboards are being made available to all that want to advertise up there, regardless of what media budgets they may have.